Middle Grades (5-8)

Jenny Allan – Classes Five and Six Co-Teacher

Education: Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, Milwaukee, WI – Waldorf Teacher Certification; Layton School of Art, MIAD, MATC, Carroll College, WCTC

Professional Experience: Grade 2 Long-Term Substitute, Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, Substitute teacher, Prairie Hill Waldorf School; Drawing classes at Christian Academy grades 3-8, Milwaukee, WI; Mural projects in Mexico, Manila, Namibia; Pre-school Program Development for AIDS victims in Malawi, Art classes in Delafield, WI and inner city youth program in Milwaukee, WI. Free lance artist.


Ximena Puig – Classes Five and Six Co-Teacherximena (Maternity Leave)

Education: Grade 4 summer intensive with Eugene Swartz; 2nd and 3rd Grade Summer Intensives at Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, CA; M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH; B.A. in Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Earlham College, Richmond, IN; Sculpture at El Instituto de Bellas Artes and Spanish at El Instituto de Idiomas, Sevilla, Spain;.

Professional Experience: Third Grade Teacher”s Assistant, Chicago International Charter School, Chicago, IL; Kindergarten Assistant, Rosemary Kindergarten, Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School; Student Teacher in kindergarten and first grade, Oberlin City Schools, Oberlin, OH.
I feel so honored and delighted have returned to Pleasant Ridge as a teacher. It is with enthusiasm and trust that I step up to this challenge of teaching a combined class. Through many different educational experiences I have come to see that who I am as a learner and as a teacher is deeply rooted in my formative experience as a student (in a combined class!) at Pleasant Ridge. I am here to respect and cultivate the gifts that each child holds and to aid my students in their development as well-rounded, joyful, imaginative, thoughtful and kind individuals.

Ronald Schirmer – Classes Five and Six Co-Teacherron

Education:  B.A. Religious Studies, emphasis in Buddhism & Consciousness studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. Classic Animation, Santa Barbara City College, S.B. CA. Printmaking, Harold Washington College, Chicago IL. Waldorf Teacher Certificate, Arcturus Teacher Training, Chicago IL.

Professional Experience: Early Childhood Assistant, Chicago Waldorf School.  Substitute Teacher, Chicago Public Schools.

Our heritage as human beings is vast and rich: our stories, traditions, skills, arts and crafts.  It has been a concern of mine that in modern times, with the rapid acceleration of our technology and consequent changing of our culture, we are forgetting and distancing ourselves from this heritage that we have earned over thousands of years.  Along with that, the brief and precious era of childhood is being compromised amidst this rush to keep up and stay ahead.  In Waldorf education, I have found a sanctuary for this time of childhood and this heritage of humankind.  By allowing time to learn handwork, to paint, sing and play music; to hear stories everyday and have multiple opportunities to move and play alongside academic learning; we are providing these children an experience that is comprehensive of what we as humans have gathered together in order to bring ourselves to where we are today.  I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with this curriculum and grow with my students.


Natalie McIntire – Class Seven TeacherNatalieMcIntiresmall

Education: Wisconsin Teaching License, NORDA Project Teaching License in Mathematics and Physics; Graduate Certificate in Applied Energy Economics and Policy from Portland State University; M.A. in History of Science and Technology, University of MN; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Professional Experience:  Substitute Middle and High School Teacher with Viroqua Area Schools; Math and Physics Teacher with Youth Initiative High School; Administrative Fellow at the Center for Interfacial Engineering



carrieCarrie Treviranus – Class Eight Teacher

Education:  Bachelor of Music, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. (1998-2001), Waldorf Teacher Certification (completion in 2016), Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, Pewaukee, WI. (2006-present), Art of Teaching grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA (2010-2014).

Professional Experience:  Kindergarten Assistant, Pre-kindergarten assistant, Tamarack Waldorf School, Milwaukee, WI, Singer and actor (Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Soulstice Theatre), Worked in bicycle retail for 15 years in sales, buying, and corporate office.