Middle Grades (5-8)

Barbara Danner – Class Six Teacherbarbara

Education:  B.A. in Theatre Arts, Marquette University; Waldorf Teaching Certificate, UWM.  Core Synchronism Training (1-3); Non-Violent Comm. Mentoring with John Cunningham; Speech Formation work w/ Pownall, Steinrueck & Garvey; 1st Grade Intensive At Michael Institute in Portland, OR; 2nd Grade intensive with Else Gottgens; 3rd Grade Intensive with Eugene Swartz; 5th Grade intensive at Rudolf Steiner College; Werbeck Singing w/ Ursula Koepf; Professional Actor Training, ACT, San Francisco, CA.

Professional Experience:  Substitute Teacher, Tamarack & Prairie Hill Waldorf Schools; Director, Holiday Drama Workshop in E. Troy/Pewaukee; Drama Director, Aurora School; Class Teacher (1-3) Prairie Hill Waldorf School; Handwork Teacher, Urban Waldorf School; Asst. Kindergarten Teacher, Prairie Hill Waldorf School.  Adjunct Faculty, Great Lakes Teacher Training & Lifeways Early Childhood Training.


carrieCarrie Treviranus – Class Seven Teacher

Education:  Bachelor of Music, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. (1998-2001), Waldorf Teacher Certification (ongoing), Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, Pewaukee, WI. (2008-present), Art of Teaching grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, and Grade 7,Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA (2010-2012).

Professional Experience:  Kindergarten Assistant, Pre-kindergarten assistant, Tamarack Waldorf School, Milwaukee, WI, Singer and actor (Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Soulstice Theatre), Worked in bicycle retail for 15 years in sales, buying, and corporate office.


Aaron Schmidt – Class Eight Teacher

Education:  B.A. in Liberal Studies, Concentration in Elementary Education & Earth Science, Cal State Northridge, CA; Class Teacher Certificate, Waldorf Institute of Southern California.

Professional Experience:  7th and 8th grade Class Teacher, Substitute Teacher/Coordinator, Sports Coach at Highland Hall Waldorf School, Northridge, CA, Combat Engineer, US Army.