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Uncovering the Blind Spot of Leadership by C. Otto Scharmer

Stringed Instrument Instruction in the Waldorf School: Why It Is There and What It Does for the Children.  Monika Sutherland, PRWS Music Teacher in Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Renewal: A Journal for Waldorf Education



Waldorf 100.  The video is celebrates 100 years of Waldorf Education around the world. 











Helle Heckmann workshop, November 2015.  Helle is director of the Nokken Waldorf Kindergarten in Copenhagen and an educator on Waldorf early childhood.  Please click below for a series of 8 videos from the Helle Heckman visit in fall of 2015.  The workshop was entitled “Five Golden Keys to a Healthy Family Life: A Parenting Workshop with Helle Heckmann”.

The individual segments are:

1. On Parenting
2. Key One: Sleep
3. Key Two: Movement
4. Key Three: Nutrition
5. Key Four: Rhythm
6. Key Five: Love
7. Q&A
8. Q&A Speaking too much to children

Please use the skip button on the video player to move to the next segment.




Kim John Payne presentation in March 2016, author of Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline.  Sponsored by PRWS, VMH Foundation and Friends of VMH, YIHS and VAS.