A Celebration of the Seasons

Seasonal festivals are celebrated at the school to mark important changes as we move through the year. Through these festivals, the school cultivates community among children, teachers, parents, and friends. In planning festival celebrations, the faculty considers the qualities of the season to be celebrated: courage, strength and perseverance at Michaelmas; the development of inner light through sharing and self-sacrifice at Martinmas; quiet hope and anticipation at Advent; love and inner light at the Festival of Lights and the Winter Solstice; the transformation, rebirth, gaiety, and celebration of nature at May Day.

Michaelmas Sept 29, 2017
Martinmas* November 10, 2017
Advent Spiral* December 4 & 5, 2017
Festival of Light December 15, 2017
Epiphany/Martin Luther King Jr. Jan 19, 2018
Spring Concert March 23, 2018
May Day Festival May 4, 2018

* Please call the school for times. The Advent Spiral is held only for the students and  Martinmas is for school families with children in the young grades.