Lower Grades Curriculum

First Grade Curriculum

Fairy tales and folk tales from around the world
Nature stories
Pictorial and phonetic
Introduction to letters
Form drawing and handwriting of upper case letters
Reading approached through writing
Intro to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Watercolor painting with an emphasis on primary colors
Foreign languages
Movement and games

Second Grade Curriculum

Legends of holy people from many cultural traditions
Animal fables
Continued work with reading through writing
Imaginative introduction to simple grammar and punctuation
Form drawing and lower case letters
Four arithmetic processes, multiplication tables, numerical patterns and forms
Nature stories
Color exploration with wet-on-wet watercolor painting
Foreign languages
Movement and games

Third Grade Curriculum

Stories of the Hebrew people
Study of practical life and living on the earth
Reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, parts of speech
Form drawing and cursive handwriting
Continued work with multiplication tables
Measurement: linear, weight, volume, time, currency
Arithmetic processes with larger numbers and regrouping
Foreign languages
Movement and games

Fourth Grade Curriculum

Norse mythology
Local geography and history
Zoology – The study of human and animal
Arithmetic – introduction of fractions and long division
Grammar – all parts of speech
Writing – letters, reports
Physical education
Form drawing – braided interwoven forms and Celtic knots
Clay modeling
Practice in the language arts and mathematics