A Sample of PRWS Curriculum

A Sample of PRWS Curriculum

Our kindergarten had a joyous time playing with a Scandinavian kicksled from Finland!

Grade 3
Farm Week is a cornerstone of the Grade 3 curriculum, which is centered around practical studies. The class spends a week visiting a local farm, harvesting apples and pressing cider, caring for animals, chinking a log cabin, helping with chores, and working together to prepare communal meals in the kitchen.

Grade 4
How many fourth-graders-long is a blue whale? Our students set up to find out as part of their human and animal studies.

Grade 6
During the Grade 6 astronomy block the children come to understand our relationship with the cosmos around us – the earth, moon, sun and stars. Where are they in the sky? How do they “move around us”? Students observe the stars through nightly “window” homework, as well as a group camping trip. The movement of the stars and the relationship of the pole star to our latitude is further explored during classroom lessons.

Grade 7
The Waldorf approach to science – as well as to learning in general – is to cultivate an attitude of awe, which allows children to see the marvels all around them. Pictured here is an experiment in Grade 7 while learning all about acids and bases by testing with purple cabbage water. Science is beautiful!