2023 8th Grade Presentations

Frances Levin – Writing a Book

Jarrett Sullivan – Veni, Vidi, Vici – The Colosseum

Mira Splinter – Stress Management

Mila Pederson – Design Methods

Nora Knutson – Upcycling Fashion

Marlo Peters – Photography

Cassidy Ramsay – Building a Kayak

Cosmo Crockett – Building an Exercise Structure

Miré Karpfinger Rosselle – Creating a Skincare Line

Kyle Sleep – Training a Dog

Charlotte Brudos – Fundraising for the School Kitchen

Cyrus Hundt – Building a Tesla Coil

Zelda Hodapp – Art Interventions for OCD

Clara Hotchkiss – Studying Art Styles

Lucah Spicer – Whitewater Kayaking

Ayelet Parker – The Complexities of Wolf Conservation

Aveline Belling-Dunn – Choreography and Dance