The mission of Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School is to provide a full Waldorf education to children in Early Childhood through Grade 8 and to be a vital and active part of the Driftless region through the spiritual and cultural opportunities we bring to the greater community.

This is our vision:

A full Waldorf curriculum, carried by dedicated and compassionate teachers, staff and parents who tend to the dignity and well being of the children, helping them develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

A safe and beautiful physical environment, overseen mindfully and carefully by all of the adults in the school community.

A harmonious and diverse school community that is ecologically sustainable, financially responsible, morally diligent, socially renewing, and spiritually striving.

A strong, vital and self-renewing pedagogy centered in anthroposophy and living within a community of loving human beings who hold deep reverence for each other, for themselves, for nature and for the spiritual world.